Solve problems in 8 steps


Objective description of the problem.

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Step 1:
Objective description of the problem in a clear and understandable way, without panic and without any distortion


Publication on a central website


Drawing up a list of experts

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Step 2:
List which experts should be considered for this and according to which criteria.


Publication on the same website


Presentation of the experts.

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Step 3:
Presentation of the experts


The following information of the experts is mandatory:
1. Complete curriculum vitae (certified)
2. Question about bias with immediate consequences in case of false statements (under oath).


Careful examination of the experts.

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Step 4:
Careful examination of the experts *
*the examination of the expert is to secure, that corruption from the outside and egoistic interests with the solution of the problem no chance have!


Important to know about the expert (m/f)
1. Professionally suitable for the problem
2. Check about 100% independent.
3. Check about financial interests.
4. Check about blackmail in the background if applicable.
5. Check about memberships.
6. Check about professional performance in the history.


Public discussion (livestream).

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Step 5:
Public discussion (livestream) with the final experts elected by the public in all media and this always uncut.*
*Importantly, all people should form their own opinion objectively and on fully transparent information.


The public media, corporate media, social media, YouTube, etc. act here ONLY as a technical platform for playback and distribution. Comments or evaluations by the media themselves are undesirable! The people can already think for themselves!


Discussion about the solutions.

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Step 6:
Reduction of the possible ways to solve the problem to final 2-3 options. Preparation of the solutions in a clear form with PRO & CONTRA and survey to the population directly on the website. No external survey companies because of the high risk of targeted manipulation.


After the long public discussion, the population is well informed and will be open to the 2-3 options in order to finally decide for a certain way.


Decision 50/50 on final solution.

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Step 7:
Decision for a specific solution with the following voting weighting 50% population50%- experts


Division prevents the targeted corruption and extortion of individuals


Implementation through project management.

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Step 8:
Transferring the implementation of the problem to an organization (project management), which have in years of experience in the implementation of projects


Publication of the planned solution. Permanent transparency of the project status. Continuous control whether the solution leads to the goal.

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